Feel the Noize - A Noise Machine for Maya!

Josh Janousky
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This script will allow you to add both random keys to selected channels and random noise to selected keys.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to head on over to my site JoshJanousky.com or shoot me an e-mail at Josh@JustJoshinMagic.com

  • Always select the channels you want to add keys to first.

  • By default it will set keys on your current timeline, however you can highlight a section for a custom range.

  • Make sure to highlight all your keys at the default state and run "Remember Key State" so that your percentages will be based on that initial position.

    To run this tool, save it into your script folder and enter the following as a python command

    import randomizer


    from randomizer import GUI

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Feel the Noize - A Noise Machine for Maya!

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