Oh Snap! - A Snapping Tool for Maya

Josh Janousky
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A handy UI with snapping tools, along with a few other fun features.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to head on over to my site JoshJanousky.com or shoot me an e-mail at Josh@JustJoshinMagic.com

  • Always select the object you wish to snap first and then the object you wish to snap to.
  • Right click any of the snap buttons for constraint options. Make sure to select the leader, then the follower.
  • When baking, select the channels you want to bake, otherwise all channels will be baked.

Locator Snap will work with multiple selections.

New Features!

  • Ability to scale your custom locators with a slider
  • Euler filter option added for when baking
  • The ability to highlight a custom selection in the time slider to set your baking range
  • Viewport is disabled during baking to speed things up
  • Constraints can now be added with or without maintain offset enabled
  • You can now choose what frames you bake your keys on when not using smart bake
  • Under the menu is an option to reenable the viewport (useful for any tool that disables the viewport to speed things up)

To run this tool, save it into your script folder and enter the following as a python command:

import jjSnap
from jjSnap import GUI

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Oh Snap! - A Snapping Tool for Maya

1 rating
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