ZooChangeRoo UI - A Free Companion to zooChangeRoo!

Josh Janousky
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This is a simple UI I made as a free companion to zooChangeRoo by Hamish McKenzie. This script has no official connection to zooChangeRoo and you can download the original script here.

I highly recommend you watch this fantastic video from Brian Horgan on how to use zooChangeRoo, which can be found here!

To run this tool, save it into your script folder and enter the following as a python command:

import zooChangeRooUI


from zooChangeRooUI import GUI

Make sure you also change lines 20 and 21 to redirect to where you have save the zooChangeRoo scripts

Please feel free to take a look at the other rigs and tools I have available. If you have any questions or comments feel free to head on over to my site JoshJanousky.com or shoot me an e-mail at Josh@JustJoshinMagic.com

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